YITA’s Introduction

YITA CO., LTD was founded in 1985 by a group of technical school electric engineer graduates who were enthusiastic about electronic products and applications of graphic design. We began our business as an advertisement company. We were the very first company to import the latest Electronic News Generator from the US and Europe to be used in studio and audio/media equipment. We were also contracted by large companies to work on graphic photography and displaying of products, and that was how we accumulated experience in electric engineering as our knowledge basis; furthermore, to kick off our startup with our common passion.

After 1990, we felt deeply that the production level of Japanese advertising products was far higher than that of Taiwan. We cooperated with Japanese advertising firms to establish YITA Display Co., Ltd., and we introduced various exquisite advertising display products, and created the first electric captioning machine with a red aluminum-extrusion chassis. The machine was pricey at the time and could only be sold to foreign countries as an OEM product. It also has patented technology to make detailed aluminum extruded chassis, lighting, and lighting boxes, etc., and to be set up for various commercial display space projects internationally or domestically, such as: department store counters, lighting boxes at airports, exhibition halls, car displays, restaurants, tobacco and alcohol, watches and clocks, etc. The detailed texture and creative design of our products have gained recognition and trust of people from all industry types, and won the Golden Award of Best Construction Equipment from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. Our products were exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, and other foreign countries.

By 1996, due to the booming business of LED products exported to Japan, the USA, and Europe, we renamed our company to YITA Co., Ltd. Optoelectronics Technology to redirect our focus toward such products. For exporting cost purposes then, we located our factory in Kunshan, China and transferred excellent skills and technologies from Taiwan to China for manufacturing. In just a few years, we have become a high-tech company with LED display machine research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services. We aligned with our customers from Europe, Japan, and the USA in terms of current trends to cooperate on the research and development of a series of product, such as LED, GPS, and solar energy-powered voice control modules to be applied on various indoor and outdoor display construction. Examples are LED brighter lighting system and LED full-colored TV walls. We insisted on using electric components with higher stability from Taiwan or Japan. The products have patent and official verifications, and along with these come high quality and long-term warranty. We bind our products with the mindset of energy saving and carbon reduction. Our supply chain has localized advantages. Our products were tested by the laboratory of the Industrial Technology Research Institute which has the highest testing and evaluation standard certified in Taiwan. Our products have 14 sets of testing reports, and are SGSIP66 certified with a warranty for up to 3 years. We thrive to only make products with high grade of sophistication and quality. The principle of our company is to “stand and work with honesty and integrity”, and that leads to our goal for this company to become a sustainable operation.


Our Vision

It has been 30 years and as we look back, during this period we have successively invested in many up-to-date machines, tools, and equipment. We replaced the metal and electronic manufacturing process with digital SMD circuits, computer-controlled cutting and trimming, 3D laser-cutting, and precision bending presses. We also use precision welding and advanced automated manufacturing equipment to complete the top-down process. From above, we continued to complete renowned construction projects of display signs and lightening artwork for publicly listed and foreign companies such as the lighting installation on the Taipei 101 building, LED national flag display, plane model number signal display at the airplane parking area, and LED display sign and lighting box projects for Taoyuan International Airport, and artistic display project at CTBC Nangang Headquarters.

We attract talents of electric technology and R&D within the industry. Our products comply with international quality management system like UL, CE, 3C, TUV, and such certifications. We have technical exchanges and collaborations with LED supplying publicly traded companies and top 10 display manufacturers in China to effectively control and ensure the quality of our products at each and every workstation. We build strategic cooperation and alliances with our domestic and foreign LED display sign material suppliers and selling channels, realizing modern resource sharing, compliments of advantage, teamwork, and high-efficiency operation. We are determined to provide mature and stable products. With great cost, reliable products, construction with fully-covered liability, and safety of shipment, we have earned trust from the industry and obtained several utility and invention patents domestically and internationally for our LED TV wall and display sign. We have truly become a high-tech company with top-down operation from R&D, manufacturing, and sales. In 2018 and 2019, we were consecutively awarded the gold, silver, and bronze medal for the Invention Competition Group from the Taiwan Innotech Expo held at the Taipei World Trade Center, with 20 countries as participants, as well as a special award by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (Poland). Through close collaborations as a common supplier and contractor with all kinds of large design companies, architects, and advertisement firms, with the purpose of providing great products with affordable value to enhance our services, we seek your guidance to become the support of your creativity and to make your products eye-catching! Finally, we can realize the vision of growing from a domestic company to develop our company greater internationally.

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